I'm Stephanie; mama of 3 gorgeous girls, military wife and photographer. I have many passions in life (I'm a DIY-er, a social media influencer @lovedbygiselle and a licensed esthetician) But my favorite passion is to document memories for families that they'll keep for a lifetime. Life gets busy, and kids grow oh-so-fast, so I know the families I work with all enjoy and appreciate taking the time to document certain milestones- or even just a regular Sunday! 


I found my love of photography in high school, always taking photos of everything I could, but my love for taking pictures was reignited when I had children of my own, like many other photographers have found.

We are relocating from Nothern California to North Chicago and I'm so excited to put my energy into building my photography business - for real this time! It's hard moving every 3 years with the military but this passion has followed me every move, and I think its time to invest in it whole heartedly. 

I so look forward to meeting you and your family - and capturing your precious moments while you're living them.